Women Love Lipstick Cosmetics

Lipstick Cosmetics have been a fascination through the ages, from ancient times to modern day. Lipstick has a long and evolving history down through thousands of years. It started back somewhere around 3000 BC, at that time women were using a lot of toxic chemicals to color their lips. You could say they were willing to die for their beauty.

Over the years lipstick cosmetics changed with the times and at one period in history women were burned at the stake for luring men in with their devil red lips. England's Parliament during the 1700's passed a law that a woman could have burned at the stake for wearing lip color. Queen Victoria said that lipstick and other cosmetics were not to be worn. Of course one of Queen Victoria's precedents Queen Elizabeth was a great fan of cosmetics. At her court women women chalk white on their faces with bold red lips and lots of jewelry amidst their ruffled colors.

As time progressed, women who wore red lipstick cosmetics were thought to be "fast" or "floozies" with their red tempting lips. Many women yearned to wear the bright red lip color but refused and satisfied themselves with paler colors, rather than be looked down on.
In the twenty century lipstick came into vogue, women started to claim their own power and they used bright red lipstick as a symbol. Movie stars started to wear more lipstick and chose bold sexy vibrant colors to give them that pouty wanting to be kissed look.

Since these women were accredited for their beauty and independence, women wanted to be like them and lipstick cosmetics were brought into a new era where women could paint their lips and be proud. Cosmetic companies started, Max Factor, Maybelline, and Elizabeth Arden just to name a few worked to develop safer ingredients to provide new colors and of course still allow women to achieve those lush kissable lips.

Lipstick cosmetics have come a long way through time to become a primary beauty staple for millions of women. Do not leave home without it!

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